Apartments in Helsinki for Short Stay


April 27, 2017

Helsinki is the capital of my country. It’s not as popular tourist destination as the neighboring Stockholm – or even Tallinn if I had to take a guess. But it might be still worthy to drop a visit to the Daughter of the Baltic sea. You will see a medium-sized European city with a mixture of Swedish and Russian architecture and vibes. It’s a modern, progressive town with museums and churches to visit, bars to drink in and restaurants to dine. You will also need an apartment for short stay – check out this post for some good recommendations!

1. Töölö Towers

Located in one of the downtown districts, the Töölö Towers is a mid-priced short-term accommodation in Helsinki. All units come with a wireless Internet and some of them have a kitchen for cooking. Private bathroom is of course available in each apartment.

What people liked?

Quiet – The area is quiet, you will not hear traffic noise or drunken people on the streets.

Comfortable beds – Many times, guests commented the beds on this property are excellent to sleep in!

Tram stop next door – There’s tram connection very close taking you to core of Helsinki in a few minutes.

What people didn’t like?

Infrequent cleaning – At least in the past, if you were staying for a longer time, the apartments got cleaned only once a week.

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2. Experience Living Apartments

These short stay apartments are located in the Kamppi/Ruoholahti district of Helsinki. The flats are either 39 or 45 square meters big and include sitting area and kitchen. The bathrooms in these apartments are private, some having a bathtub as well.

What people liked?

Location – If you choose the apartments in Kamppi, you are right in the middle of Helsinki. The shopping center with metro, tram and bus connection is right next door.

Spacious – In the Helsinki scheme of things, these apartments are rather spacious.

Staff is friendly – The owners of these flat who give you they keys are supposedly helpful and friendly.

What people didn’t like?

Some noise in daytime – There are dance training in the same building and some noise can be heard from there.

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3. Hellsten Helsinki Senate

The Hellsten apartments are located in the upscale district of Katajanokka. It is still considered central and only a stone’s throw away from the railway station. The sea is all around, and the apartments come with kitchen for those who want to cook. In addition, it’s possible to book the public sauna for your use, or go to private sauna which some of the flats have.

What people liked?

Strategic location – The terminal which many ferries headed for Sweden and Estonia use is close. If you are going there, consider the seaside location of Hellsten apartments a plus.

Easy access to core – The tram goes on the next street, taking you to the real downtown in 5-10 minutes.

Quiet flats – Because of the peaceful location, these apartments are quiet – good for light sleepers.

What people didn’t like?

Not much to do around – Katajanokka is an upscale residential district without many shops or restaurants. You need to venture further to find the gems.

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4. Apartment Elias

Located close to Kamppi center and railway station, the 45 square meter Elias apartment offers queen and sofa bed for tired travelers to sleep in. Kitchen with dishwasher and fridge is available, so is a stovetop for cooking. There’s also a private balcony on these flats.

What people liked?

Silent – Like most apartments in Helsinki, also Elias is quiet. You are in no danger to hear noises from drunken people.

Public transport close – Helsinki has good public transport. Tram stop is very close to the apartment.

Responsive staff – It’s easy to get in touch with the staff if there are problems. So say a few reviews.

What people didn’t like?

No microwave – It looks like the apartment does not have a microwave. What a bummer.

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5. Helsinki Homes Apartments

Helsinki Homes have a lot of features available: air conditioning, kitchen with dishwasher, oven and microwave. The bathrooms are private, featuring bidet and a hair dryer. The location itself is central, and where you can not walk, a tram or bus can be taken!

What people liked?

Kitchen – The kitchen was comfortable to prepare food in.

Possible to wash clothes – Yes, there is also a washing machine in these apartments for your dirty clothes.

Comfortable bed – No need to worry about poor bed, sleeping should be no problem in this apartment.

What people didn’t like?

Nothing particularly – There were no drawbacks posted by guests that were worth of mentioning.

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6. Seaside Downtown Apartment

The Seaside Downtown Apartment is located in Merihaka district, at the edges of downtown Helsinki. The flat has all the modern amenities, such as kitchen with dishwasher and oven, and private bathroom with shower. This is actually one of the more popular apartments in Helsinki so it must be decent at least!

What people liked?

Good location for partying – The apartment is a stone’s throw away from the Kallio district. It is known for bars, artists and nightlife.

Free parking – Despite of the rather central location, the apartment still offers one parking slot for free for guests.

Balcony – The flat has a balcony which some of the guests enjoy.

What people didn’t like?

Dog barking – There’s a dog living upstairs whose barking can be heard in this apartment.

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7. Downtown Studio

The Downtown Studio is worth its name, located 200 meters away form the Kamppi shopping center. At 60 squaremeters, this short-term apartment offers sitting area, balcony, kitchen, private bathroom and a balcony. Of course, a free wireless Internet is featured as well.

What people liked?

Plenty of room – The apartment is rather spacious, you won’t get claustrophobic there.

Central location – Shopping, bars and many sights are close to this apartment.

Good owner – The owner is easy to communicate with, so said many guests.

What people didn’t like?

A bit worn – Few guests pointed out the flat needs renovation.

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Admittedly, the prices in Helsinki are rather high, normal Western European standard I would say. So you are not exactly going to save money by going there. But the flipside of the coin is, everything works and most things are high quality. Indeed, any of the short stay apartments you will pick from the list will be top-rated and meet high standards guests might have. If I had to single out probably the best choice from this list, it would be the Experience Living Apartments due to great location. Anyway, pick your poison, come to Helsinki, and leave a comment below!


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