Best Power Racks for Home Gym


If you want to get fit the obvious way is to join a commercial gym. You don’t have to worry about buying or fixing gym equipment, also some services might be included in the price. But indeed, you will have to shell out money each month to the gym. If this does not sound like your cup of tea, an alternative way to train exists: build your own home gym. The upfront fee will be high but monthly fees will be nonexistent! Also, you will be able to work out in complete privacy.

A staple in any home gym is power rack. They are, in essence, steel frames with horizontal safety bars and Olympic bar supports. You need power racks for some of the best exercises there is, that is why they are so essential. These exercises include squats, bench presses and pull ups. Convinced you need it? Good, I’ll show you some of the best power racks for home gyms!

1. PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

The PowerLine PPR200X is a very popular power rack choice. It offers arms for bars and also safety rods in case the weight is too heavy for you to lift. The maximum height is 86 inches. All the essential movements, such as squats, bench presses and pull ups are doable on this PowerLine rack.

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Why is it good for home gyms?

  • One of the most important things is durability, and pretty much all reviews thanked this power rack about its sturdiness!
  • It will take a squat bar loaded with around 400 pounds. Advanced home gym lifters welcome!
  • The pull up bar has knurling so your hands will not slip.

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2. Fitness Reality Power Cage

Fitness Reality 810XLT is very affordable power rack which probably explains its popularity. It offers a 800 pounds weight limit for cage – indeed, the body is made of 2×2 inches steel frame. The safety bars will catch a missed lift. This thing can also be ordered with a compatible bench.

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Why is it good for home gyms?

  • For a home gym builder who is on budget, the Fitness Reality cage is a great choice due its low price.
  • Even though it is affordable, the thing will last for years – at least if user reviews are to be believed.
  • The rack has a sturdy pull-up bar if you want to do the king of bodyweight exercises.

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3. Titan Power Rack

The Titan is a solid power rack of raving reviews and tolerable price. Its capacity is 700 pounds which is on the higher side, and the material is the common 2×2″ steel frames. The included J-hooks will hold your Olympic bar for exercises. The top has a pull up bar, too.

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Why is it good for home gyms?

  • The area it takes isn’t too much, just 4 x 4 feet. You probably find place in cramped room or garage for the Titan rack.
  • Users reported it’s easy to assemble, taking about one hour if you are doing the work alone.
  • Plenty of positions for safety bars exist. You can put them to the exactly right height.

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4. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

Valor Fitness BD-7 is a heavy-duty power rack, built from 2″ x 2″ steel and including four storage pegs for your weight plates. It includes four supports for the actual bar. Also two safety rods for squats exist. There are seventeen positions for the bar supports, starting from 17.5 inches and ending at 68 inches.

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Why is it good for home gyms?

  • The Valor Fitness BD-7 is a real One-in-All unit, having a lat pulldown station and also low station for rows etc.
  • Despite its functionality, only two hours of work is require to assemble it.
  • Max weight for bar holders is a whopping 500 pounds. That is enough for intermediate and even advanced lifters, easily.

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5. TDS Power Rack

The TDS is an entry-level power rack of affordable pricing and basic functions. It has the simple setup of two J-hooks and safety bars, allowing you to do squats and other exercises at ease. The pull up bar has deep knurls and there are thirty holes for adjusting the hooks and bars.

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Why is it good for home gyms?

  • It’s a simple yet working power rack for those who want to build home gym without spending an arm and leg.
  • Because it’s not complex, it’s going to take only an hour to put this one together!
  • Users pointed out it doesn’t move or rock when you are exercising, like doing pull ups. The TDS is sturdy, yes.

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6. Valor Fitness BD-41 Heavy Duty Power Cage

The Valor Fitness BD-41 is a power rack for a serious lifter. It’s tad more expensive than the others, but offers a darn sturdy 2.5″ x 2.5″ steel main frame, four storage pegs, four weight bar supports and two squat safety rods. The frame has a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Why is it good for home gyms?

  • Once again, users have praised the BD-41 for its sturdiness. For this price it’s easy to believe.
  • The bar catches on the outside support 500 pounds and on the inside 650 pounds. Advanced lifters will have no problems with this unit.
  • By using the weight storage pegs you don’t need to leave plates around your room or garage.

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7. Titan T-3 Series Power Rack

The Titan T-3 uses 2 x 3 inches steel tubes for the main frame, with capacity being over 1000 pounds. There are two pull up bars with different diameters. The J-hooks will nicely hold your bar for squatting and other movements.

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Why is it good for home gyms?

  • It’s very sturdy at an affordable price.
  • The Titan can be bolted down to your garage floor if you want – but it is not required.
  • Like all the good power racks, also this one takes just one hour of your life to put together.

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If you are building a home gym, a power rack is probably the thing you want to include on your shopping list. The racks listed in this article should fit the bill as they all enjoy high user rating and popularity. If you still can’t make up your mind as which one to choose, take a look at the last one. It’s probably the first and last power rack you will ever need. I can only wish you happy home gym building – lift and eat hard!

Also, please share your comments about home gyms, power racks and workouts below!


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