Save Money on Amazon – Part II: Books & Kindles


In the first part of the series, I discussed about how Shopping Suggest can save you money when searching Amazon for products. There are several options – including discount percentage and price brackets – you can set and use, helping you to find the exact products you want. And while the first part concentrated on general products, this post is for bookworms – both traditional books and Kindle versions are discussed here!

In Shopping Suggest, the interface for searching books and Kindles is very similar to the advanced search. There are, however, some market-specific options available. Common options for both book and Kindle search are Title, Author, Publisher, Published (month & year) and Language. Nothing special there. But taking a look at the traditional book search, there are unique options for specifying ISBNs, Book format and Condition:

Only the traditional book search has these options.

You could specify Condition as Used which would save you a penny or two. On the other hand, there is a possible risk of receiving a book in poor condition. Anyway, where the real money saving potential lies are the Extra options: Prime Eligible and Bargain Books:

The options that could potentially save you money with books.

Prime Eligible was already discussed in the first post. To recap, if you have a Prime membership, you can enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders. This, of course, applies to books too. If you want to give Prime a try for free, you can follow this link now! The Bargain Books option will show you discounted titles picked by Amazon. And believe me, there are myriads of those available.

Saving money on Kindles

The future of books – and everything – is in Internet and computers. Also books have evolved from paper to bytes. Amazon calls their E-book platform Kindle, offering heaps of these Kindle books for you to read. The advantage of E-books is low manufacturing cost. Indeed, most Kindles are already cheap and are warmly welcomed by penny pinchers. But, Shopping Suggest allows you to go an extra mile and find very affordable, even free, Kindles!

Again, the real magic lies in the Extra options. This time, there are two options we are particularly interested in: Prime Reading Eligible and Kindle Unlimited Eligible.

Use these extra options to save some dough with Kindles!

What do the above options mean?

Prime Reading Eligible – This is part of the Amazon Prime deal. If you are Amazon Prime subscriber, you can read some E-books free. The downside of this is, there aren’t currently that many Prime Reading Eligible books – only around 1000. Anyway, if you already are a Prime member, it doesn’t hurt to have a few free books at your disposal. And you now have the possibility to try Prime free for 30-days!

Kindle Unlimited Eligible – This is like the Prime Reading on steroids. The Kindle Unlimited service allows you to read a lot (currently around 1 million) e-books for $9.99 a month. The service can be cancelled any time. If you are a big time reader, this one can obviously save you some money. And as with Prime, there is also a 30-day free trial for Kindle Unlimited!

Totally free reading?

If you try to find free traditional books with Shopping Suggest, you won’t have much luck. If you put maximum price to zero and book format to paperback or hardcover, you will find about 9 free books. Not a great selection at all, and the majority of those books seem to be in a foreign language anyway.

But the situation is different with Kindles! Go to the Kindle search, set maximum price to zero and voila! You have just found about 80,000 free Kindles. They are automatically delivered to your Kindle reader with one click. There is no catch with the price, the books really are free. Naturally, top titles such as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter are not available for zero dollars. But if you don’t mind some lower tier books, this trick for finding free editions can be a real goldmine!

Now, have you tried our searches for books and Kindles? I’d love to hear your comments below!

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