Save Money on Amazon – Part III: Deals & Discounts


For now, we have covered how to use Shopping Suggest search for general products, traditional books and Kindle books. In the previous posts, I have discussed how to use the various search options to find discounted items, and in some cases, even free products. In this post, I move from the search section to a feature that excites many (and me): the deals and discounts, which I also like to call gift ideas.

The gift ideas section has two parts. First, there are top deals. It shows the best deals and discounts from The list is updated every day. There are three options you can use to manipulate the results: Search (keywords), Choose category and Sort by. As you can see, the interface is pretty straightforward to use.

Top Deals and Discounts, a clean interface for you.

The first two options, “Search” and “Choose category” are pretty self explanatory. But pay attention to the “Sort by” option. The default sorting is the amount saved in dollars, meaning that first is shown the product with biggest discount price-wise. In the photo above, it’s LG television with original price of 3999.99 dollars and deal price of 2497 dollars. That’s around 1500 dollars in savings which makes the television show first in the results. However, you can also sort by savings in percentage, price and date added.

You can use top deals to find products that are on big discount. Products that you would otherwise miss or need to pay more at another retailer. But what if you want to find products that cost certain amount and are often bought by other shoppers too? Well, you have the option to use the advanced search, or to check our Exact Change items:

Not hard to navigate through items!

It looks like the top deals section. Just here, you can sort items by price. Either choose the ones that cost twenty, fifty or one hundred dollars. These all are popular prices for gifts, so pick your poison. Just remember that if you click through to Amazon, they will sometimes show a different price than what was listed on Shopping Suggest. In the case of these Exact Change items, it’s because Amazon is showing the price for used version of that product. The new version will cost the amount listed in the blue box on Shopping Suggest.

In the case of top deals, we try to show the correct price as often as possible. However, sometimes the price on Amazon changes and our website doesn’t catch this change right away. So, a visitor will see one price on Shopping Suggest and another on Amazon. It goes without saying that the price on Amazon will be the price that you need to pay. Nonetheless, the price change can be actually good for you – the price doesn’t always get more expensive, sometimes it gets cheaper!

The top deals and exact change items are, in my opinion, great for gift ideas and finding discount products. I would like to hear from you whether you agree with me. Have you found some gems with Shopping Suggest?

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