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If you want a decent desktop for gaming you essentially have two options. First, if you are a DIY person you build one yourself. Second, if you want a desktop that’s already assembled you, you buy something like SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer. The desktop in question is, simply put, a gamer’s dream – but it also comes with a rather big price tag. Is it worth the money, that is the essential question?

Gaming performance

SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer is equipped with Zotac’s GTX 1080 (has 8GB video memory). That card is GeForce’s high-end model, totally designed with 4K gaming in mind. You are free to use high resolutions and settings on every game. For example, looking at 4K resolution and medium-high details would net you closer to 50FPS on The Witcher 3 – and that is a very, very demanding game. Other popular titles you might want to play, such as GTA 5, would easily be in the +80FPS range.

The manufacturer says this motherboard supports SLI, so you can add another graphics card. Also VR seems to be supported.

Components under the hood

SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer has extremely fast processor, the Intel Core i7-6700K. Admittedly, it’s one of the earlier 6th generation units, but it still has big muscles: four cores, 4.0GHz clock speed and 4.2GHz turbo boost. Energy consumption is high as well (95W) but players, in my experience, rarely care. This processor gets around 11000 points in the CPU benchmark which, which for a 2015 model, is a ridiculously high amount. Any programs whatsoever will run no problem here.

The memory is just right for gamers, 16GB DDR4 that is. It is configured on two 8GB sticks. As usually, the desktop motherboard contains 4 RAM slots all in all and the maximum memory being 64GB (with four 16GB sticks). In fact, I don’t think anyone needs to go beyond 16 gigabytes in memory.

Two storage drives exist inside this desktop. The configuration is actually very smart. First, there is a two terabytes 7200RPM hard drive, slowish but huge in storage size. You can put so much data there and the drive won’t probably ever fill up. Second, the desktop also comes with a 240GB SATA SSD. Windows 10 is installed there for faster boot-up times and operations. Both drives are upgradeable by removing the computer case.

Ports and interfaces

SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer has plenty of video outputs thanks to the dedicated GTX 1080 card. In fact, there seems to be one dual-link DVI, three DisplayPort 1.4 and one 4K HDMI output. You can use any of these to hook up your monitor, however I recommend the HDMI. Three monitors can be connected simultaneously.

Six USB ports exist on this system. A little sadder thing, just two of them are USB 3.0 while four are USB 2.0. So you will need to prioritize – the USB 3.0 connectors bring far superior transfer rates.

The desktop has no DVD burner. That is a bit strange, but also another thing you should keep in mind: it won’t be possible to install one inside, there is no bay for that. So, if you want discs, your only option is to get an external drive.

You can connect to Internet, the desktop supports WiFi (although I’m not sure if it’s USB dongle or internal WiFi card). That being said, Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port is available if you want cable.

Miscellaneous things

SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer has, as the sellers put it, maintenance-free water cooling. So even though there is a water system running inside the case, it should work without your interference ever.

On this model, the power supply seems to be rated at a high 700 watts. That will be enough for the current components and also for possible upgrades you might do.

The computer comes with a keyboard and mouse, but as is often the case, you must buy monitor separately.

Reasons to buy this

You want the best money can buy for gaming? Then SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer is a good choice. Its GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card is a beast, made with 4K gaming in mind. You can up the settings to high without worries, and games will still have decent FPS here!

In other regards the system is also good. No matter what software you have in mind the SkyTech will run it, that’s a guarantee. There’s a high-end processor and 16GB RAM backing you up, and Windows is installed on the SSD so the system will load in just some seconds.

The liquid cooling is a mechanism that makes the desktop run cool at all times. Thus, you shouldn’t have issues with overheating.

Reasons not to buy this

There is one obvious reason why you should choose something else. And that is, if you are not a gamer. I don’t know why you would be even looking at this review if you were not one – but anyway, if PC games are not your cup of tea, don’t waste your money on this one.

Summing it up

SkyTech Omega surely is a premium gaming computer! It has all the parts an avid player is looking for: the best GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, Core i7 processor and a solid-state drive for storage. These components will take anybody far, be it a hardcore gamer or power user that’s planning to buy and operate this computer. Besides, the system shouldn’t get hot due to worry-free liquid cooling. The price might make a dent in your wallet but if you require the best, the SkyTech Omega should answer to your needs.


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